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Tina Manibusan's Profile and Contact Information

Tina Manibusan
Click here to contact Tina Manibusan Operations/Commercial Manager
Office Number (425) 774-1324
Fax Number (206) 832-1780
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What better way to get to know our agents than learning some fun facts!  So, we asked them all the same four questions.  Here are Tina's answers:

  • What is the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?  
    • Jobs have been quite boring ~ hence Insurance.  My first job was working at A&W Restaurant; back when everything was paid with cash & you had to count back the change because it was the old registers. I wore the whole brown restaurant uniform, including hair pinned up & my hat. I had long curly thick hair back then.  The shirts were the short sleeve white with brown & orange stripes. So attractive! Everyone went by their first names & there were no numbers given at time of order. You had to remember who they were, where they decided to sit & bring their order to them. It was also the A&W that had the outdoor ordering so they could dine in their cars. WA isn't very pleasant to have that type of ordering. The intercom system was old fashion push button.
  • Favorite travel spot?  
    • My idea of favorite travel spot is any where I can eat good food! Back in the day, I  would jump in the car & drive hours to try a new place I saw on TV or heard from friend. Even if it meant a 6 hour drive down the coast to Oregon.
  • Favorite food?  
    • Hard to choose - plain cheesecake, apple fritter, chicken parmesan ,I suppose are my favorites.
  • If you had a superpower, what would it be? 
    • Does The HULK have an actual superpower? I'd want to have whatever superpower he has... Super Strength as The HULK & smarts as Bruce Banner. BWAHAHAHA. I don't think The Hulk gets torn muscles lifting a couch to vacuum under. Or, it would be to have super speed like The Flash; get places quickly without too much effort? How many steps would my FitBit register if I had that superpower?
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